Conversation Club

inglisekeele kursus

Conversation Club
Pakume kursust kõikidele, kes soovivad praktiseerida inglise keelt ning saada tagasisidet inglise keelt emakeelena kõnelevalt õpetajalt. Kursusel ei kasutata põhiõpikut ega keeleõppe tavaprogrammi, vaid keskendutakse eelkõige suulise väljendusoskuse parandamisele läbi diskussiooni võimaldavate teemade ja tegevuste. Valik võimalikest tegevustest: väitlused ja arutelud; läbirääkimised; rollimängud; võistlused; meeskonnatööd jmt. Tunnid toimuvad üks kord nädalas, ühe tunni pikkus on 90 minutit (2 akadeemilist tundi). Tunnid algavad vajaliku sõnavara kordamisega, millele järgneb selle praktiseerimine läbi mitmesuguste tegevuste ning tund lõpeb õpetajapoolse tagasisidega õpilastele.
30-ak.tunnise kursuse hind: 275€ + käibemaks

Convdersation Club

Conversation Club

We are offering a course for students who wish to practice their English and get feedback from a native speaker teacher. There is no course book and no systematic language improvement syllabus. Instead, this is a course intended to improve spoken fluency and confidence first and foremost. We facilitate language practice by selecting topics and activities which will stimulate the student to speak freely. Examples of activities include: debates and discussions, negotiations, role plays, business mazes and other problems solving activities, pitching competitions etc. The classes can take place once a week and each class is 90 minutes (2 academic hours) long. Typically, a class will begin with a set up and perhaps some pre-teaching, prior to the main activity and will end with feedback from teacher to students.

Cost for 26 hours: 240€ + VAT

Conversation club meets on Fridays at 14:00

Course starts: 29 September

Open Mini Groups

We are offering mini groups for ‘General English for Work and Life’ starting from 25 September in our shiny new premises at Pärnu mnt. 20. This is a new course and maximum number of students in the group will be 4.  The courses are for people who need to learn faster with more interaction with the teacher.

Time to move to a new home

After about 14 years in our Roosikransti base, it’s finally time to move on to a new location. The school will be leaving it’s current premises at the end of May 2017 be for reopening its doors in August. Although we will be having a bit of a Summer break customers and friends can still contact us by phone or email anytime!