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Inglise Keele Kursus
General English for Work and Life is open to applications from refugees from the war in Ukraine. Details

Our main English mini group course is General English for Work and Life (GEWL) and all ILS courses are linked to the Common European Framework of levels (A1-C2).

Students can study from 60 hours to a whole academic year and finish one level in that time.

Groups are for a maximum of eight students and we expect all classes to be delivered face to face in 2022/3 at ILS in Tallinn. However and if necessary, classes are designed to be delivered either face to face or online using video meeting platforms such as Zoom, Teams etc.

As all our teachers are native speakers, we try to use the target language as much as possible in the class and the classes are highly participatory.

To complete one level involves 120 hours of classroom study (usually 1 x 60 hour course in the Autumn/Winter + 1 x 60 hour courses in Spring/Summer).

At the end of each level (A1-C2), all students have the chance to take an internationally recognised and certified test from Language Cert and the costs for this are included in the course fees.

Find more information about course dates and prices

Register for a 2022/23 GEWL Group course here:

In 2022/3 we are offering all group levels from Beginner-C2.


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