Client testimonials

Paul Taylor, Member of the Board, Unique Hotels Group
Phil and the team at ILS have been invaluable in developing the language skills of our hotel team over the past 15 years.

Professional and skilled in their field, they react quickly and recently organised an ESOL language test at extremely short notice for an undergraduate going off to study in the UK Our “go to” Language School  in Estonia.

Gavin Hill, Partner, Deloitte Central Europe
‘… on behalf of both private and group course students at Deloitte in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, I would like to thank you for the work you have done over the past 3 years … the use of Cambridge Business English examination courses at Deloitte has been a great success …’
Helena Evert, Tele2
Dear family of ILS!

I want to thank you on behalf of Tele2 personnel for a lovely collaboration. It’s been nice working with you, because your teachers are professional, open, flexible and friendly. As an international company, our employees use English every day to communicate with colleagues from different countries as well as Estonia. We had a lot of people who knew the vocabulary, but didn’t have the courage to talk. The teachers at ILS expertly increased their self-confidence and ability to express themselves. During the last few years approximately 90 of our employees have had courses on different levels and the feedback has been positive. I can sincerely recommend ILS!

Sigre Suurvarik, Danske Bank
We are pleased that we found a permanent training partner in ILS. Since our specialists need English more and more at their work, we decided to take English Language courses. In autumn 2013 we started looking for a partner and negotiated with different language schools. ILS was standing out for its quality, experience, the fact that they know their value and that all the teachers are native speakers. During negotiations it turned out that Phil, the director of ILS is a good co-partner who helped us realize what we need to do in order to achieve our goals. Our goal was to considerably raise the level of English and we thought we could do it by studying just once a week. Phil was very clear that it’s not enough if we want to achieve our goals. So during negotiations we found a solution to have classes twice a week. To increase the awareness among our employees, Phil and two other teachers agreed to come and explain the principles of language learning. I’m still grateful for that, because that lead us to involve 26 people to the language training.

Cooperation was also good during the course. Our employees are very demanding. Since they’ve been to defferent trainings, they can value a good standard. Our feedback to the school was received thankfully and ILS managed to react remarkably fast to our extra needs.

Thank you Phil and ILS team.

Annemie Rensburg, Global HR director, Skype
‘I needed a short, flexible language course to prepare for a business trip to Estonia. My needs were complicated by a hectic travel schedule and so, distance learning seemed to be the answer. I’m glad to be able to say that the guys at ILS were able to provide just the thing for me. We used Skype’s voice and messaging services during the lessons and used email between times. I can highly recommended ILS for other companies and individuals interested in improving their language skills via distance learning.’
Andrea Moretti, Auditor, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Genoa, Italy (Private tailor-made course)
“I combined a holiday and business trip with learning English as a private student. It really helped to spend time with native speaker teachers on my own. I have to say that I have learned more in 1 week at ILS than 3 weeks in London on a similar course.”
Linda RutkovskaBusiness development manager, TietoEnator Financial Services.
“…  we started cooperation with ILS with a goal to improve the level of knowledge of English of the company’s employees. The courses lasted for six months after which we decided to continue the cooperation. The employees highly valued the teachers’ competence and the course content.”
Grazina Miniotaite, Senior Research Fellow, Culture, Philosophy and Arts Research Institute 
By choosing, quite randomly, my English studies with ILS Vilnius, I was in for a pleasant surprise. These turned out to be the most efficient foreign language studies that I have ever had. All the chains of the ILS activities are characterized by the atmosphere of no-nonsense and good-will.

The teachers are highly competent in the English language and the Anglo-Saxon culture, and they are also very skillful at creating a respectful and friendly relationship with the students. I discovered this during my one-to-one lessons. My brilliant teacher precisely “diagnosed” my soft spots and offered an optimal study program. The teacher is always ready to meet my various English language needs (reports at conferences, lectures, correspondence, greetings) and boosting my self-confidence in my professional activities.

Sten Tamkivi
Dear ILS

On behalf of all of us here at Skype Estonia, I would like to congratulate also to express my gratitude for the excellent work you have done.

We had around 25 different nationalities working for Skype in Estonia together in English and many also recognise the need to learn Estonian too. Feedback from ILS course participants has been extremely positive. I feel this is down to the fact that ILS and Skype both employ high standards and both strive to maintain them with great people.

I’d particularly like to highlight the new modular courses you have piloted here recently – these have proved to be a particular success in terms of student motivation and end of course results.












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