Phil Marsdale

B.A (hons); cert TEFLA; Dip TEFLA (Camb)

Phil is a founding director of International Language Services. He has lived and worked in Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia since 1993 and before that was involved in teaching English in Spain and the UK. Phil has also run numerous teacher training and development projects in all three Baltic States, the UK and Switzerland in conjunction with various state and NGO’s. He is also an examiner for a wide range of English language examinations. Phil was chairman and Vice chairman of the British Estonian Chamber of Commerce from 2002-2011 and a member of the board of the Foreign Investors Council of Estonia. When not running the BECC or ILS, Phil bashes out the occasional song in Garageband, tries in vain to improve his golf HCP and does the occasional bit of acting and voice work. These days in the training sphere, Phil is involved with BBA and MA programmes at Tallinn School of Ecomonics and Business Administration and Tartu University.