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1:1 Training + Coaching – Your Course, Your Rules

Private courses are a popular option at ILS and in fact, about 90% of our teaching time is spent with private students of all ages. Do you need to improve your language skills but wonder how you can spare the time? Do you have particular learning needs? Do you want a less formal opportunity for language practice? Do you travel a lot and need a flexible schedule of classes? Our private courses will suit you if you are a busy person and want to improve your language skills with an experienced and qualified native speaker teacher.

We offer private English, Estonian and Russian lessons for people interested in learning one-to-one. Private classes can also be arranged for groups of 2 students at no extra charge.

What’s the difference between ‘Training’ and ‘Coaching’? In general terms, training is about transferring knowledge, teaching new things within a systematised approach while coaching is about refreshing and polishing knowledge and especially skills. ILS typically equates training courses with systematic language improvement in all areas and coaching courses with confidence building particularly in speaking and listening skills.

Training courses classes are usually 90mins long i.e. 2 academic hours whilst coaching classes are mostly 60mins long. Please note that the minimum class length is 60 mins.

Choose a private course here or ask for an offer here.

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